Black Sacks

Black sacks are collected on a weekly basis and are only for small items which cannot be recycled. Rubbish will only be collected if securely contained in a black refuse sack. A roll of 52 black sacks are delivered by the Council annually during August and September.
Yes Please!No Thank You
Packaging waste, for example polystyrene, plastic film and bags
Hazardous waste
Small toys and electrical itemsConstruction related materials e.g. concrete and bricks
Hygiene waste, for example nappies etc (please note, hypodermic needles are collected separately - Clinical Waste)Large electrical equipment
 Garden Waste, Soil, Pesticides, Weedkiller

Please remember the following:

  • Your black sacks must be ready for collection by 7a.m. on your collection day and not before 6 p.m. on the evening before
  • Loose rubbish will not be collected
  • A maximum of 3 black bags solely consisting of pet litter, double bagged, will be collected. We encourage residents to mix litter with normal waste to minimise any potential hygiene issues for collection staff. Excess bags can be taken to the Household Recycling Centre
  • Your black sacks must be on the property boundary closest to the road and visible
  • If your property is accessed by a private track or road, your collection point will be where this meets the public highway