Young parents

The East Cambridgeshire District Council housing team work alongside Sanctuary Housing to provide accommodation to the residents of East Cambridgeshire.  
The project was set up in June 2014 to provide young families with a safe place to gain independent living skills. We provide supported accommodation to young families aged 16 to 21 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 
We are working towards giving young families the support to move onto independent living confidently.

Applying for a place at the project 

You will need to be at least six months pregnant or have a baby under 12 months old. In special circumstances we will consider earlier pregnancy and older children. You will need to be committed to working with support agencies who will regularly visit the project for messy play sessions, cooking and baby art sessions. You will need to be committed to attending regular support sessions with our tenancy support officer.  
You will need to be committed to caring for your baby and developing parenting skills. You can apply for a place yourself or be referred by an external agency, for example, a midwife, health visitor or social care worker. You do not need a local connection to East Cambridgeshire to be considered although priority will be given to East Cambridgeshire residents. 
If the young parent’s project is suitable for you, you will be offered a place straight away or be placed on a waiting list until a vacancy comes up. 

Living at the project  

The project is situated in the village of Soham. There is a Sure Start children’s centre, Doctor’s and Midwife’s a short walk away.  
The accommodation consists of four separate bedrooms with two communal bathrooms and a shared kitchen and living area. There is a large communal garden. 
You will be supported by staff Monday to Friday with an emergency call system for when staff are not there.  
Each room is fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe, chest of draws and a fridge freezer. Residents will need to provide their own bedding, cutlery and television (you will need to get your own TV licence), there is also a TV in the communal kitchen.  
When you move into the project you will receive your own personal support plan. We will ask you to set your own goals for your time in Soham to make it more personal to you.  Your support plan will be reviewed every 4 weeks to make sure you are achieving your own set goal and the goals we have set.

When you move in  

The support team will help you settle in and help you write your own support plan. You will be given a timetable of groups at the local Children’s centre and we will ask in your support plan for you to attend at least two classes per week. These are free of charge for all our residents.  
The support team will arrange to meet with you regularly for support sessions. You will have contact numbers for all support staff if you need any support and advice or if you or the staff are away from the bungalow.  
You will be expected to join in regular cleaning sessions and take responsibility for your own space and clearing up after yourself in communal areas.  

Equal Opportunities  

We consider every application fairly and do not discriminate regardless of:  
  • Gender  
  • Sexuality  
  • Background 
  • Race 
  • Religion  
  • Health or disability  

What kind of support is available 

We provide support and advice on a range of matters including:  
  • Getting back into training, education or employment  
  • Claiming benefits  
  • Attending Children’s centres  
  • Any health-related matters  
  • Relationships  
  • Family relationships  
  • Budgeting  
  • Life skills  

Moving into your own accommodation  

The length of stay at the project is around six to nine months.  Over the age of 18, when you are ready to live independently, the social housing register and private rented accommodation will be the options available to you.  
We will continue to support you after you move on and help you with setting up utility bills, housing benefit and your tenancy.  
When your stay with us is over and your support has ended, we still welcome back former residents to any of our play sessions at the project.  

For further information

Child & Family Centre 

Tel: 01353 727 188 
Pratt Street, Soham, Ely, CB7 5BH   
Tel: 0808 169 8099

Children’s Social Care

Tel: 01353 618 200
They can help 16/17-year-olds that are homeless. In an emergency they can help find somewhere safe for you to stay the night. They will do an assessment to see if you are a ‘child in need’ (this legal term covers young people too). If they agree you are, they can help you to:
  • find a place to live (and they pay for it)
  • get into training and education
  • tackle personal issues like drugs or alcohol
  • be given an allowance
  • be given support
They are located at: Noble House, St Thomas’s Place, Ely, CB7 4EX. 

Staploe medical centre

Tel: 01353 624 121 
Brewhouse Lane, Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5JD  

We want to listen, we want to help

Contact us: 
Telephone: 01353 665555
Emergency out of hours: Tel: 07710 978900