Pavement Licence

The placing of tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the pavement will require a Pavement Licence in most cases. This page provides information on the two available routes currently available to obtain a pavement licence.

Section 7A Highways Act 1980 - Permission to obstruct the highway 

The Highways Authority of Cambridgeshire County Council is responsible for administering this type of permission. Applicants may apply to the Highways Authority for permission to obstruct the highway by way of the placing of an object or structure over the highway. 

Although consents must not be unreasonably withheld, there are a number of issues that may be considered prior to the grant of a pavement licence:

  • frontage and walkway consent may also have to be obtained first
  • public notice of the application may need to be given detailing the proposal and deadline for representations (28 day consultation period)
  • all representations received may be considered
  • any other relevant authorities may be consulted
  • an application fee is payable
  • a variable maintenance fee is payable upon grant depending upon the size and location of the object or structure

More information can be found at Cambridgeshire County Council (external link)

Business and Planning Act 2020 - Pavement Licence 

This type of permission can be obtained from the Council where the premises are located. Applicants may apply to the Council for permission to place temporary furniture on the highway (pavement), where the placing of this furniture is adjacent to their business premises.

  • This permission can only be used for the purpose of selling or consuming food and drink in connection with the activity of the main premises, which itself must be a food and drink selling business 
  • It is also a temporary permission created as a specific response to the Covid 19 pandemic. The legislation has been extended by 12 months, and will now cease to exist on 30 September 2024 
  • All applications must be made online, this is a requirement of the legislation 
  • All applications are subject to a 7 day public consultation commencing the day after the day the application is made 
  • Decisions must be made by the Council by the end of the 7th day commencing the day after the consultation period ends 
  • Tacit consent will apply if the Council does not determine a valid application within the above time frames 
  • There is no right of appeal if the application is refused 
  • A Pavement Licence can be revoked 
  • A fee of £100 is payable for this licence 

Pavement Licence Conditions

In accordance with section 5 of the Business and Planning Act 2020 the Council has published a list of conditions that will be attached to all Pavement Licences. These can be found by following the link below. All Pavement Licences both granted and deemed (i.e. obtained by tacit consent) will be required to comply with these at all times. 

Online application form

Downloadable application form 

This form must be completed, signed, and sent to the Licensing Authority by email. No paper applications can be accepted.

Policy and Guidance 

For further information please click on the link below. 

Trade Associations

There are no trade associations associated with a pavement licence.

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