Current Environment Plan

Our Environment Plan and Our Top 20 Commitments for 2023/24

We have set a long-term vision to deliver net zero carbon emissions for the Council’s operations and help others reduce their emissions. We have also set a long-term vision to reverse the decline in nature in East Cambridgeshire and help create a thriving natural environment for the benefit of all.

To help us make meaningful progress towards our long term vision, each June we published an Environment Plan. The Environment Plan establishes a new set of Top 20 Actions we commit to undertaking over the coming 12 months, as well as reporting on what we achieved in the previous year. 

At the bottom of this page can be found copies of each of our Environment Plans from June 2020.

On 19th June 2023, the Council is scheduled to agree its latest Environment Plan for 2023, including its new set of Top 20 Actions for 2023/24. If you want a sneak preview, a copy of the Environment Plan being recommended to the Council for approval should be available on our Operational Services Committee webpage from around 8th June 2023. Once the Environment Plan is approved, we will make it available on this webpage, and we will list the Top 20 Action below.

Top 20 Actions for 2023/24

These will be announced soon!

By the end of June, we will list here the actions we intend to take over 2023/24 to help mitigate climate change and boost the local natural environment.

Previous Environment Plans

In the table below can be found copies of our previous Environment Plans, each of which contain a set of Top 20 Actions as well reporting on the Council's climate emissions, our targets to become a carbon net zero Council and our long term vision to boost the natural environment.