War memorials

"War memorials are a unique aspect of our national heritage" (War Memorials Trust)

What are war memorials? 

War memorials can range from entire buildings and structures to simple plaques on a wall. The majority of memorials are monuments or structures and are most commonly found in town centres, parks, churchyards and public spaces.

Most war memorials have plaques or inscriptions listing the names of those who died in battle, although some may be dedicated to a specific battle or regiment.

War memorials in East Cambs 

There are a wide range of war memorials within East Cambridgeshire and a list of different memorials is provided here (PDF). Several of the memorials within the district are afforded statutory protection as they appear on the National Heritage List for England.

  • The Almonry Wall, Ely 
  • Carter Street, Fordham 
  • Fair Green, Reach 
  • High Street, Soham 
  • Church Street, Stetchworth 
  • St Mary’s Church, Swaffham Prior 
  • High Street, Wicken 

Further information on individual memorials can be found on the UK National Inventory of War Memorials (external link) website. 

Works to war memorials 

Custodianship of war memorials varies throughout the UK, as they were often erected as a result of public subscription. A Diocese, Parochial Council or Parish Council now maintains the vast majority of memorials. As with any building or structure of architectural or historic significance, regular repairs and maintenance should be undertaken to ensure its long-term preservation.

The War Memorials Trust (external link) is a useful resource for anyone interested in or responsible for memorials in the UK. They can also assist with enquiries relating to specific memorials and family history research projects. They have produced several guidance documents that should provide a starting point for anyone planning works to a memorial (see useful information page of this website).

N.B. If the memorial is listed, some works may require Listed Building Consent. It is advisable to check with the Conservation Officer prior to undertaking any works.

If you have a question or concern about any of the memorials within the District you can contact the council's conservation officer (external link), who is also the Council’s designated War Memorials Officer.