Home Composting

At least 30% of the contents of the average household bin could be composted at home. It’s a great way of improving soil fertility and ensures the product you produce is reused in an environmentally friendly way.
Composting is the break down of organic material in the presence of oxygen. The process involves hundreds of micro-organisms and creatures like earthworms feeding on the material until it becomes a rich, earthy substance.
Recycle Now offer a wide range of information about composting and how it works.  You can also find a range of low-cost compost bins at GetComposting.
What you can home compost:

Yes Please!No Thank You!
fruit and veg peelingsmeat
tea bags and coffee groundsfish
old flowersdairy
grass cuttingscooked food
cardboard egg boxescat and dog waste
newspaper or shredded papercoal ash
bedding from vegetarian pets (straw, hay, newspaper) 
garden prunings and twigs 
old natural fibre clothing eg wool or cotton (but if it is in good condition, donate it to charity 


A more comprehensive list and good advice about composting is available at Recycle Now.