Additional Bins

All properties that receive the standard service of one blue and one green lidded wheeled bin are entitled to apply for additional bins. If you are receiving the Alternative Service, you are not eligible for additional bins.

An additional blue lidded wheeled bin for recycling can be requested for a one-off delivery and administration charge of £30.25 and will be collected alongside your normal blue lidded bin.

Additional garden waste bins (brown lidded, no food waste please), are available for an annual licence fee of £56.75, and will be collected alongside your normal green lidded bin. The fee is applicable regardless of the month the bin is requested and is not pro rata. The service runs from 1 April to 31 March. A  reminder will be sent to you a few weeks prior to renewal. This bin is for garden waste only.

Please ensure that when you order your additional bin, you have space to store it. 

Please remember the following: 

  • Your bin must be ready for collection by 7:00am on your collection day and not before 6:00pm on the evening before; 
  • Your bin must be on the property boundary closest to the road and must be clearly visible; 
  • If your property is accessed by a private track or road, your collection point will be where this meets the public highway; 
  • Materials will only be collected if they are presented in the correct container. We do not collect side waste; 
  • Wheeled bins remain the property of East Cambs District Council and must be left at your property, if you move out.