Youth offending teams

Youth offending teams work with young people that get into trouble with the law.   

They look into the background of a young person and try to help them stay away from crime.   

They also:  

  • run local crime prevention programmes 

  • help young people at the police station if they are arrested 

  • help young people and their families at court 

  • supervise young people serving a community sentence 

  • stay in touch with a young person if they are sentenced to custody 

Find your local youth offending team

When you may come into contact with a youth offending team 

The youth offending team gets involved if a young person: 

  • gets into trouble with the police or is arrested 

  • is charged with a crime and has to go to court 

  • is convicted of a crime and given a sentence 

Usually, the police are the first people to contact the youth offending team. But family members and friends can also contact them if they are worried about a young person’s behaviour. 

Who youth offending teams are 

Youth offending teams are part of your local council and are separate from the police and the courts. 

They work with: 

  • the police 

  • probation officers 

  • health, housing and children’s services 

  • schools and education authorities 

  • charities and the local community