Government schemes for Ukrainian Refugees

Visa Support 

The UK Government provides UK Visa support for Ukraine nationals and has produced a Welcome Guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK. 

Biometrics Residence Permit 

You will need to book a biometric residence permit appointment within six months of the date that you entered the UK, so you can obtain your biometric residence permit to continue to evidence you can live, work and access benefits in the UK. You can book an Ukraine Scheme Biometrics Residence Permit appointment to attend a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services office to provide your biometrics (photograph and fingerprints). You must take your Ukrainian international passport to that appointment. After you have enrolled your biometrics, the Home Office will vary your leave by up to 36 months, which will be displayed on your biometric residence permit to act as evidence of your status in the UK. Further guidance is available on the Government website:  

Homes for Ukraine Scheme 

The Government has produced guidance to explain your options when you have lived in the UK for six months and includes links to more support. 

A guide has been published to help guests understand how to rent in England. This will help you when you are ready and able to move out of sponsorship into independent accommodation. This guide is available in Ukrainian and Russian

Ukrainian people arriving under this scheme will be able to live and work in the UK for up to three years and access benefits, healthcare, employment and other support. 

Ukraine Family Scheme 

The Ukraine Family Scheme allows family members of British nationals, UK settled persons and certain others to come to or stay in the UK. To apply to the scheme the applicant must: 

  • be applying to join or accompany your UK-based family member; and 

  • be Ukrainian or the immediate family member of a Ukrainian national who is applying to the scheme; and 

  • have been residing in the Ukraine on or immediately before 1 January 2022 (including those who have now left Ukraine). 

If you are a Cambridgeshire resident intending to or already hosting members of your family as part of the Ukraine Family Scheme, please register using this form. This will help to link you to the services which you may need. 

How do I register my interest in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme? 

People or organisations wanting to be sponsors under the Homes for Ukraine scheme can now register their interest here

How does the matching process happen through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme? 

If you already know a Ukrainian national (or immediate family member) who you want to sponsor, you can help them apply for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme. If they do not have a sponsor, they will be matched with people or organisations who have recorded their interest through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. There are a number of organisations on a local and national level who are involved in matching. The Reset Communities and Refugees Charity has a matching service: apply to be matched to a refugee to sponsor here

Sponsor Guidance 

The government has published sponsor guidance that outlines important information including the responsibilities of sponsors and how sponsors may support their guests. Updated guidance has been produced to explain what options and support are available to you when you have sponsored your guests for the initial six months. 

Support for people with pets 

The Government has also put in place support for people fleeing Ukraine and entering the UK with their pets. Using an emergency licence, people fleeing Ukraine can bring their pets to the UK with any quarantine costs met by the Government. The Animal and Plant Health Agency is providing quick licence approvals and quarantine arrangements to avoid creating additional burdens or delays. The Government will also be covering their vaccination, microchipping and quarantine costs, recognising that many individuals from Ukraine will not have been able to complete the full health preparations required for their pet on arrival.  

Guidance for guests 

The Government has produced guidance for Ukrainian guests arriving in the UK with details of services that may be useful.