2023 Parliamentary Boundary Review

Did you know that Parliamentary constituencies are set to change?

The independent Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is drawing the map of constituencies in England and needs your help to shape its final recommendations, ensuring they take local knowledge and views into consideration.

From 8 June to 2 August 2021, the BCE held an eight week consultation, allowing you to share your knowledge about your local area. The next consultation will run from 22 February to 4 April 2022. The Commission considers every piece of feedback that it receives, whether it is about where the constituency boundaries should be or the name of the constituency.  

The BCE is proposing that the three East Cambridgeshire District wards of Sutton, Downham Villages and Littleport, currently included in the existing North East Cambridgeshire constituency, are instead included in a proposed East Cambridgeshire constituency along with the rest of the District and two South Cambridgeshire District wards of Milton & Waterbeach and Cottenham, both of which have road connections with Ely via the A10.

These changes mean that the existing name of South East Cambridgeshire becomes less appropriate, and the BCE therefore propose it be called East Cambridgeshire to better reflect the configuration of the constituency.

It is easy to get involved: