Moving Personal Belongings to the UK

You have tax and customs responsibilities when you move your personal belongings to the UK from abroad. 

You must follow the rules on: 

You must pay Excise Duty if you ship alcohol or tobacco.  

If you break the rules, your things and any vehicle you move them in may be seized. You may also be fined or prosecuted.  

Move from an EU country 

You do not usually pay tax or ‘duty’ (customs charges) on personal belongings you move to the UK from the European Union (EU)

Move from outside the EU 

You may be able to claim relief on tax and duty if you are moving from outside the EU - ask your shipping company for more information. 

Claim relief 

Your shipping company will ask you to fill in form ToR01 when your things arrive in the UK. 

Fill in form C88 instead if you are moving temporarily. 

Customs officers use your form to work out: 

  • if you qualify for relief 

  • any tax and duty you owe 

There are conditions for claiming

If you do not qualify for relief 

Your shipping company will tell you how much duty or tax you owe. You must pay it before you can collect your things. 

You can be charged: 

Fill in form C285(PI) to ask for a refund if you think you have been charged too much.