Submit a demolition notice

Under Section 80 of the above Act, any person who intends to carry out the demolition of a building must inform the Local Authority in writing. Legally, no one can start demolition work unless the Local Authority has been notified. The notification must specify the building to which it relates and the work of demolition intended to be carried out, but this is not required to be set out on a special form.

The person notifying the Local Authority must send a copy of the notification to:

  • The occupier of any building adjacent to the building(s) being demolished.
  • Any public gas supplier in whose authorised area the demolition is taking place.
  • The public electricity supplier in whose authorised area the building is situated and,
  • Any other person authorised by a licence to supply electricity.

Notification of a demolition is NOT required where: 

  • The building is less than 1750 cubic feet, measured externally (approximately 50 cubic metres)
  • The demolition is of an internal part of any occupied building, which is intended to remain occupied
  • The building is a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, even if the building forms part of a larger building
  • Certain agricultural building, unless it is near or touching another building that is not an agricultural building
  • A demolition order under the Housing Act 1985 has been served

Notification Forms