Estimate your Income Tax for a Previous Year

Estimate your Income Tax for a Previous Tax Year

Use this service to estimate how much Income Tax you should have paid for a previous tax year.
There are different ways to:
If you are self-employed, use the HMRC self-employed ready reckoner to budget for your tax bill.
You may be able to claim a refund if you have paid too much.

Before you Start

You need to be:
You need details of:
  • your earnings, before and after tax - get this from your P60
  • any savings - get this from your bank statements or annual statement from your bank or building society
  • any Gift Aid donations you have made to charity

Who Cannot get an Estimate Online

You cannot get an estimate online if you:
You can check you have paid the right tax by contacting HMRC or by getting help from an accountant.
For further information: