Blue Lidded Wheeled Bins

Each household is entitled to one 240 litre blue lidded bin for recyclables. An additional blue lidded wheeled bin for recycling can be requested for a one off delivery charge of £25 and will be collected alongside your normal blue lidded bin.

Blue lidded bins are collected once every two weeks and are only for items which can be recycled. 
Yes Please!No Thank You
Paper, such as newspapers, magazines, junk mail and envelopes:
Plastic bags
Glass bottles and jarsPolystyrene
Food & drinks cansFood/garden waste
Metal lids from jars & bottlesTextiles
Aluminium foil & cartonsBatteries
Plastic bottles
Hard plastic food containers (pots, tubs & trays) 
Food & drinks cartons 
Please remember the following…
  • If you are not sure whether an item is suitable for placing in the blue lidded bin please contact us
  • Your blue lidded bin must be ready for collection by 7a.m. on your collection day and not before 6 p.m. on the evening before
  • Your blue lidded bin must be on the property boundary closest to the road and visible
  • If your property is accessed by a private track or road, your collection point will be where this meets the public highway
  • Materials will only be collected if they are presented in the correct container. We do not collect side waste.
  • An additional blue lidded bin can be requested for a one off charge.