Blue Lidded Wheeled Bins

Each household is entitled to one 240-litre black wheeled bin with a blue lid for recyclables. You can have an additional bin for recycling for a one-off delivery charge of £30.25 and we will collect it alongside your normal recycling bin.

We collect recycling bins once every two weeks and these bins are for items which can be recycled. 

YES, please: 

  • paper, newspaper, magazines and envelopes 
  • greeting cards and wrapping paper (no glitter, no metallic) 
  • cardboard 
  • cartons (for example, Tetra Pak) 
  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays 
  • plastic plant pots (other than black and/or not bigger than an A3 paper) 
  • food and drinks cans 
  • aerosols 
  • tin foil and foil trays 
  • biscuit and sweet tins - both plastic and metal 
  • glass jars and bottles 

Please make sure containers are empty and clean, and only put clean, dry paper and card in your bin. Please put lids, tops, sprays and pumps back on. Shredded paper should be put in an old envelope or paper bag, before disposing of it in the bin, to prevent littering during bin empty. All other materials should be disposed un-bagged in the bin. 

NO, thanks: 

  • food 
  • liquids 
  • nappies 
  • clothes, textiles or shoes (take to charity shops or clothing banks) 
  • polystyrene 
  • plastic bags and film (some supermarkets have collection points for them) 
  • batteries (visit (external link) for more information) 
  • wet wipes 
  • kitchen paper and tissues (put in green bin) 
  • garden waste 
  • dirty packaging 
  • crisp packets 
  • black plant pots and trays 
  • compostable plastic 

You can get more information about what goes in which bin by downloading our guide to recycling and waste (PDF)

The lists above are not exhaustive, so if you are not sure whether an item is suitable for recycling bin, please contact us 

Please remember the following: 

  • Your bin must be ready for collection by 7:00am on your collection day and not before 6:00pm on the evening before 
  • Your bin must be on the property boundary closest to the road and visible 
  • If your property is accessed by a private track or road, your collection point will be where this meets the public highway 
  • Materials will only be collected, if they are presented in the correct container. We do not collect side waste 
  • An additional recycling bin can be requested for a one-off charge 
  • Wheeled bins remain the property of East Cambs District Council and must be left at your property if you move out.