Planning and Organising Events safely

If you are organising an event, you will have a number of responsibilities. As the organiser you will be legally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of those people attending and also working the event. The key to a successful event is to start planning as early as possible. The most successful events are normally planned a year in advance.

To help you plan your events here are some key tasks:

  • Make early contact with the Council
  • Produce a strict timetable, including key dates
  • Surround yourself with a team of people to help you plan,organise and run the event
  • Appoint a Site Manager and a Safety Officer
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve within your budget
  • Produce an Event Management Plantogether with Risk Assessments for the various activities
  • Ensure you have the correct insurance in place
  • Ensure you have obtained the necessary Licences
  • Consider the disruption your event may cause

If you wish to hold you event on East Cambridgeshire District Council land, go to our Holding Events on Council Land webpage.

If your event presents a significant public safety risk, whether in terms of the number of people attending (over 500) or the nature of the event activity, please consider attending a meeting of the Safety Advisory Group.

If you are organising a Street Party, please visit the Cambridgeshire County Council website for guidance.

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