Cash in Hand Payments

Declare or report cash in hand pay 

Cash in hand payments for work are like any other income - they must be declared to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). 

Report cash in hand pay 

Report a business or your employer to HMRC if they are paying workers cash in hand without paying Income Tax or National Insurance. 

For your own safety you should not: 

  • try to find out more about the fraud  

  • let anyone know you are making a report 

  • encourage anyone to commit a crime so you can get more information 

You risk losing your employment rights and some benefits if you accept cash in hand payments, and may have to pay the tax and National Insurance contributions yourself. 

Declare cash in hand pay if you are working for yourself 

You must declare cash in hand payments if you are working for yourself.  

For further information on Cash in Hand Payments see GOV.UK's website.