Work Out Your VAT Fuel Scale Charge

Work Out Your VAT Fuel Scale Charge 

You can use fuel scale charges to work out how much VAT to pay back on fuel if you use a business car for private purposes. This means you do not have to keep detailed mileage records. 

How It Works 

  1. Reclaim all the VAT on fuel for your car. 
  2. Use this tool to work out the right fuel scale charge. 
  3. Include this in the amount you owe on your VAT Return. 

Before You Start 

You will need to check your car’s CO2 emissions figure if you cannot get this from your log book. For dual fuel cars, use the lower of the 2 figures. 
For cars registered before 1997 that do not have a CO2 emissions figure, the number you use depends on the engine size
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) publishes tables with full details of fuel scale charges for current and past years

Start Now 

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