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You are legally required under the building regulations to tell us when you will start your building works.  We will tell you of other stages of your project that you are required to let us know to inspect, up to and including the completed works.

It may be necessary for additional inspections to be made at key stages. This could be organised with the Surveyor at the time of commencement of works.

Stages when you need a site inspection

Depending on the project type, typical stages when we may say that you need to tell us, are listed below. Not all stages will be relevant to some works:  

  • When you start work (commencement).
  • Excavation for foundations.
  • Damp proof course laid.
  • Oversite ready for concreting (with damp proof membrane laid if appropriate).
  • Drains laid and visible for checking layout and construction.
  • Drains backfilled and ready for testing for water tightness.
  • Structural timbers.
  • First fix/insulation.
  • Occupation, normally only relevant when part of a building is finished, for example a flat.
  • Completion of the whole job.
Note - Some jobs need extra inspections like reinforcement of concrete structures, or fire protection.
Note - We may carry out more than one inspection on a visit and call at other times to check on the work in progress.

How to book a Building Control Inspection

By Telephone - 01353 665555

Inspections are taken during Customer Support Office office hours which are:

08:45 - 17:00 Monday to Thursday
08:45 - 16:30 Friday    

Telephone calls requesting inspections for the same day will be accepted providing they are received by 10.00am on that day.

Please ensure the following information is provided:

  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Date inspection required
  • Application number (if known)
  • Site Address
  • Inspection required e.g. foundations

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