Workplace Disputes

Problems with your employer usually fall into one of two categories: 

  • grievances - when you raise your concerns, problems or complaints with your employer 

  • disciplinaries - when your employer has concerns about your work, conduct or absence 

Explain your concern to your manager to see if you can sort out any problems informally. You may find it helpful to suggest what you would like them to do to solve your problem. 

Your employer should discuss any disciplinary issues with you informally first. These issues could lead to formal disciplinary action, including dismissal in more serious or repetitive cases. 

Right to be accompanied 

You have the right to be accompanied to grievance or disciplinary meetings (and any appeals) by either a: 

  • colleague or trade union representative 

  • family member or Citizens Advice Bureau worker if this allowed - check your employment contract, company handbook or human resources intranet site 

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