Report tax evasion

Report someone to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you think they are evading tax.

Do not try to find out more about the tax evasion or let anyone know you are making a report.

For example, they might be: 

  • not telling HMRC about tax they owe (for example on business profits) 

  • keeping business ‘off the books’ by dealing in cash and not giving receipts 

  • hiding money, shares or other assets in an offshore bank account (‘offshore tax evasion’) 

Start a report now using the HMRC fraud hotline report form 

You can also report tax evasion by telephone. 

HMRC fraud hotline 

Telephone: 0800 788 887 

Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm 

Report other types of fraud  

You can contact the Insolvency Service, Companies House or the Serious Fraud Office if you suspect a limited company or its directors of fraud or serious misconduct

For further information on Reporting tax evasion, see GOV.UK's website.