Temporary poster or paper adverts, which are fixed to lampposts, street furniture or walls & fences etc are commonly known as fly posters.

Under the planning legislation the District Council's prior consent for these adverts is required, and the display of unauthorised adverts is a criminal offence.

The District Council only has power to remove the advertisements in specified circumstances, and must ordinarily first request that the advertiser and/or landowner remove the adverts.

If unauthorised adverts are not removed, then the District Council can consider a prosecution in the Magistrates Court.

If adverts are on Cambridgeshire County Council land or structures (e.g. within the highway verge, attached to traffic lights etc) then the responsibility for dealing with the matter rests with the County Council.

Complaints or enquiries regarding adverts and fly posters should be directed to the District Council's enforcement officers.

Contact details:

Planning Enforcement
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Tel: 01353 665555