ECDC CCTV Cameras in Ely

East Cambridgeshire District Council owns and maintains CCTV Cameras at a number of council owned car parks and buildings.  These cameras are record only and are not live monitered.

Other CCTV Cameras in the District

The City of Ely Council covers the CCTV in the City Centre of Ely and the Town Centre of Soham.  For details of these CCTV Cameras and their operation please please visit the City of Ely Council website at:

Purpose of District Council CCTV

The aim of any District Council CCTV camera is to monitor Council car parks and buildings for the purposes of community safety; including the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour.

CCTV Operation

CCTV cameras owned by East Cambridgeshire District Council are operated within ECDC's CCTV Code of Practice:

How to Request CCTV Footage

The main external source of requests for access to images is expected to be from the Police or other enforcement agencies.  Requests by individual data subjects for disclosure of images relating to them will be considered in line with procedures, and an application can be made by using the form below.

Please be aware that the CCTV images are only retained for a maximum time period of 28 days after which time the data is overwritten.  Therefore all requests for data need to be made as quickly as possible after the incident occurs.  You must provide sufficient and accurate information about the time, date and place to enable the data controller to locate the information (it is suggested that within one hour of accuracy would be a reasonable requirement).  No other access will be allowed, unless for reasons which fall within the purposes and objectives of the Scheme and in accordance with the Code of Practice.

If you have any questions please contact Data Protection at the district council at:

The council has completed its self-assessment against the standards offered by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner. The self-assessment is available to view below: