Black sack annual delivery 2024

This year's black sack delivery has started and we expect this to be completed by 31 August. 

Residents will receive a roll of 52 sacks, which equates to one sack of rubbish per week. If you require any further black sacks throughout the year, these can be purchased in any supermarket. We ask that you only use black sacks, as this avoids any mix-ups with any kerbside charity collections taking place in your area. 

This is a great time to think about the waste you are putting in sacks, and consider if you can reduce it further. Remember, food (both uncooked and cooked) and garden waste goes in your green bin, and a variety of recycling in your blue bin. Please see our webpages for more information about what can go in your blue and green lidded bin, how to compost at home, or advice on reusable items such as nappies. You can also contact our friendly waste team for advice by emailing

Missed deliveries 

If you have not received your black sacks from us by 31 August, please contact us by the 30 September to report your sack delivery as missed.