Budgeting Loans

A Budgeting Loan can help pay for: 

  • furniture or household items (for example, washing machines or other ‘white goods’) 

  • clothes or footwear 

  • rent in advance 

  • costs linked to moving house 

  • maintenance, improvements or security for your home 

  • travelling costs within the UK 

  • costs linked to getting a new job 

  • maternity costs 

  • funeral costs 

  • repaying hire purchase loans 

  • repaying loans taken for the above items 

Crisis Loans are no longer available. 

You may be eligible for a Budgeting Loan (external link) if you have been on certain benefits for 6 months. 

You only have to pay back the amount you borrow (external link), and repayments are taken automatically from your benefits.