Get Ready for Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new benefit that is paid monthly to you similar to a wage. 
It includes housing costs which you will pay to your landlord.  It is paid direct into your bank, building society or credit union account.
You will need:
  • An email address and access to the internet – Universal credit is claimed and managed online.  There is no paper form and everything is always done online.
  • How to set up an email account
  • A bank account – You will need a transactional bank account in order to receive your Universal credit 
  • How to set up a bank account 
  • Budgeting skills – Universal Credit is only paid monthly, so you must make sure you budget your money so that it lasts your household for the whole month
  • Personal Budgeting Tools 
For further advice and help with managing an online Universal Credit Account or managing a budget contact a member of our Customer Service Team who is on hand to help you.