Bulky Household Items

We offer a bulky domestic waste collection service for household items (not from businesses).

This service is currently chargeable at £26.50 per 3 household items and £26.50 for each fridge or freezer (this reflects the additional handling costs and requirements to remove potentially hazardous materials prior to disposal). Any additional items, after the original three, will be charged at the standard rate prior to collection before the agreed collection date. Extra items that haven't been paid for will not be collected.

If you call before 12 noon on Friday, the collection will normally take place the following week, however this cannot be guaranteed due to high demand.

Cancellations, amendments or additions are accepted up to and including the Friday before collection. WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS.

Fridges and Freezers

We are able to dispose of domestic fridges and freezers for a charge of £26.50 per item. Please defrost them and remove any food, otherwise, we will not be able to collect them.

Items that can be collected

We will collect the following items (£26.50 for up to three items)

Artificial Christmas Trees


Lawn Mowers (Empty)

Tumble Dryers

Barbeques (no gas bottles)



TV/Stereo Stands

Bed Bases

Doors - Internal/External


Vacuum Cleaners

Bedside Tables

Dressing Tables


Video/DVD Players

Bicycles (please specify model and colour)

Electric Plug-in Fires


Wall Units


Exercise Equipment (please specify type)

Radiators (Oil Filled)

Wardrobe Doors (Glass)


Filing Cabinets

Satellite Dishes


Child Car Seats

Garden Tables/Chairs


Washing Lines

Coffee Tables

Ironing Boards


Washing Machines

Computers/Monitors etc

Kitchen/Dining Chairs (set of 4 or 6)

Supersers (no gas bottle)

Window Blinds


Kitchen/Dining Tables


Any other furniture (please specify)


For all other items not included in the list above, the East Cambs Street Scene Team can provide a quote for collection, please request or select a specialist collection. We do not collect asbestos, batteries, chemicals, fluorescent tubes or paint. Please check for information about the items accepted at your local Household Recycling Centre.  

Booking a Bulky Waste Collection

To book a bulky waste collection please complete the online form or telephone the Customer Services Team on 01353 665555.

Once we have received your request and payment, we will contact you to advise when your collection will take place.

Prior to Collection

  • You will need to put any items booked for collection at a single point on the edge of your property, next to the public highway, by 7:00am on your arranged collection day.

  • The maximum size of any item is limited to 6'6" (202cm) at its longest point. Please ensure all items are broken down as much as reasonably possible.

  • Any glass items are to be wrapped or covered.

  • Any fuel tanks are to be fully emptied.

​Please note: If items are not presented according to our guidelines above, it may result in a non-collection and the collection would need to be rearranged.

Other Options

If you have furniture that is clean and in good condition it may be suitable to donate. Some local charity groups can reuse old furniture and electrical goods, and some may collect for free, for more details visit

Missed Bulky Waste Collections

If you have booked, and paid for a bulky waste collection, and it has not taken place on the agreed date, please let us know as soon as possible using our online form: