Balloon and sky lantern release charter

East Cambridgeshire District Council passed a motion at Full Council on 16 July 2020 to:

  • ban the release of all types of helium-filled balloons and sky lanterns on property and land owned by the District Council:
  • ask all Parish and Town Councils within East Cambridgeshire to pass a similar motion to ban the release of all types of helium-filled balloons and sky lanterns on Parish and Town Council owned land: and 
  • engage with local businesses, communities, landowners, schools and individuals in East Cambridgeshire, encouraging them to sign up to this initiative.

The problem

Balloons and sky lanterns pose a risk to buildings, dry standing crops, forestry, hay and straw stacks as well as wildlife habitats. Also, once balloons and sky lanterns have come to the end of their use, they leave behind litter.

East Cambridgeshire is a rural area with a diverse mix of wildlife, which we want to protect. Deflated balloons and balloon and sky lantern fragments are commonly mistaken for food by wildlife, and the strings used to tether balloons have also been known to cause danger to animals.

We appreciate that this activity is sometimes undertaken to commemorate a loved one. Alternative options like planting a tree not only provides a place to reflect, but also gives back to the environment. Visit the RSPCA website for more suggestions.

Our committment

East Cambridgeshire District Council is banning the release of all types of helium-filled balloons and sky lanterns on council owned land to protect wildlife and stop littering of this kind within the district.

This will come into action immediately.

We hope that this committment will encourage other local organisations, including parish councils, businesses, schools and local communities to consider signing up to our charter to consider doing the same.

Sign up to the charter

We welcome all businesses, parish councils, organisations, schools, landowners and individuals to join our charter by signing up using the link below:

We will add you to our list of organisations taking part.

Download your free resources

Show your support for our charter by downloading a poster to print and display on your premises:

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