Ramp up your recycling rate with a second blue bin - and at no extra cost for having it emptied!


Residents in East Cambridgeshire who want to recycle more and send less to landfill in black bags will be able to get their hands on a second blue bin from April 2018.  Second blue bins will be available for a one-off fee of £25 and no additional cost for it to be emptied.

Cllr Julia Huffer, Service Delivery Champion for Waste Services, said: "Residents have been telling us for a long time that they want an extra blue bin and I am thrilled to say that from April next year we are able to offer that option.  For a one-off fee of £25 any household that wants one can order a second blue bin, which we will then empty at the same time as the first blue bin, at no additional charge.  When other Councils are introducing additional charges for waste collection we are really proud to be able to offer this service to our residents in this way."

The decision was given the green light at Monday's Regulatory Services Committee.  The Chairman of the Committee and Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Anna Bailey said: "This is one of the benefits of bringing the waste home; by delivering the service through the Council's trading company we are able to have a much more flexible approach.  We really hope that residents who find themselves putting blue bin waste into black bags will take up this offer from April next year and help East Cambs to increase its recycling rate and get past that 60% target."

The Council will be promoting the availability of second blue bins next year, and encouraging households to take up the option where appropriate.