Local Plan Review

Single Issue Review of the Local Plan 

The Council is undertaking a Single Issue Review of the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2015. The need to review the Local Plan was triggered by a number of factors including:

  • the need to re-examine the appropriate housing requirement for the plan period
  • to ensure the Local Plan remains up to date
The review is known as a ‘Single Issue Review’ because it focusses on one aspect of the Local Plan only. For the avoidance of doubt, the vast majority of the Local Plan 2015 will not be amended. 

This webpage first sets out a summary of the most recent consultation stage, including copies of representations we received. It then sets out all of the documents the Council has submitted on 19 July 2022 to the Planning Inspectorate, so that an independent examination of the proposals can take place. 

The examination of the Single Issue Review of the Local Plan has now commenced.  

Proposed Submission (Regulation 19) Consultation 

Consultation on the Proposed Submission version of the Single Issue Review of the Local Plan was carried out between 3 May and 13 June 2022.  Two earlier consultations also took place on a draft document, during 2021.

During that latest consultation period, a number of documents were made available for inspection, including: the Proposed Submission Document; the Notice of Consultation; a Response Form with guidance notes; and supporting documents such as a Sustainability Appraisal report.

A total of 33 representations were received, and these are set out in the table below.

1.Haddenham Parish Council (pdf)
2.Isleham Parish Council (pdf)
3.Witcham Parish Council (pdf)
5.The Coal Authority (pdf)
6.Catesby Estate (pdf)
7.Historic England (pdf)
8.Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council (pdf)
10.Fenland District Council (pdf)
11.Gladman (pdf)
12.Home Builders Federation (pdf)
14.Natural England (pdf)
15.Land Promoters and Developers Federation (pdf)
17.Suffolk County Council (pdf)
22.Environment Agency (pdf)
24.CODE Development Planners for Bennett Homes (pdf)
26.Diana Donald (pdf)
29.RPS for Abbey Properties (pdf)
31.Cambridgeshire Development Forum (pdf)

Submission of the Single Issue Review Local Plan

On 19 July 2022, the Council submitted its proposed Single Issue Review Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate, so that an independent examination of the proposal can take place.

In addition to a full set of representations received at the last consultation stage (see table above), the Council submitted the following documents:

Ref.Document Title
CD01East Cambridgeshire Local Plan SIR Stage 1 Consultation (Reg 18) March 2021 (pdf)
CD02East Cambridgeshire Local Plan SIR Stage 2 Consultation (Reg 18) December 2021 (pdf)
CD03East Cambridgeshire Local Plan SIR Stage 3 Consultation (Reg 19) May 2022 (pdf)

LP SIR Reg 22(3) Notice of Submission July 2022 (pdf)

CD05LP SIR Reg 22(1)(c) Consultation Statement (pdf)
CD05(A)LP SIR Reg 22(1)(c)(iii)+(iv) Stage 1 Consultation Report: Oct 2021 (pdf)
CD05(B)LP SIR Reg 22(1)(c)(iii)+(iv) Stage 2 Consultation Report: March 2022 (pdf)
CD05(C)LP SIR Reg 22(1)(c)(v) Consultation Report: July 2022 (pdf)
CD06LP SIR SA Report May 2022 (pdf)
CD06(A)LP SIR SA Report December 2021 (pdf)
CD07LP SIR HRA Screening May 2022 (pdf)
CD08LP SIR EIA Initial Screening May 2022 LP SIR Reg 22(1)(c)(iii)+(iv) Stage 2 Consultation Report: March 2022 (pdf)
CD09ECDC SCI July 2018 (pdf)
CD10(A)ECDC LDS October 2020 (pdf)
CD10(B)ECDC LDS April 2022 (pdf)
CD11LP SIR DtC Statement May 2022 (pdf)
CD12Letter to PINS LP SIR Submission 19 July 2022 (pdf)
CD13Adopted Local Plan 2015 (pdf)
CD14Local Plan Review (Reg 10A(1) Review) April 2020 (pdf)
CD15East Cambridgeshire 5YLS Report October 2021 (pdf)
CD16East Cambridgeshire AMR 2021: Dec 2021 (pdf)

Next Stages

Now the Single Issue Review Local Plan has been submitted for examination, all of the latest news and website updates will be available on the dedicated Local Plan Review Examination page.

After the examination has taken place, the Inspector will produce a report which will outline the decision whether the Local Plan is 'sound' or 'not sound'.

Further information can be obtained from:

Strategic Planning Team, East Cambridgeshire District Council, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4EE

Telephone: 01353 665555

Email: planningpolicy@eastcambs.gov.uk