Planning Committee approves demolition of unauthorised building




East Cambridgeshire District Council's Planning Committee took the decision to authorise the Planning Service to arrange the demolition of an unauthorised building at Sappers Rest, Mepal.

The building was erected without planning permission and a retrospective planning application was refused.

After all other avenues of negotiation were exhausted with the applicant to secure its removal, an Enforcement Notice was served on the building as it was expedient to do so and in the public interest.

Notice was served under section 171A(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) requiring the removal of the building and associated materials and the reinstatement of the land.

Following an unsuccessful appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, the landowner was required to dismantle the building, which has not been carried out. The Council consider that, in the interests of upholding the integrity of the planning system, it must now take direct action to have the building removed.

In the same week, a decision was received from The Planning Inspectorate in relation to 9 Stretham Road, Wicken, following an appeal in relation to the Enforcement Notice served at this property. The Planning Inspectorate have concluded that the appeal has not been successful and, while the front porch extension is granted permission, the remainder of the unauthorised development, including the three-storey rear extension and first floor rear balcony, must now be removed in accordance with the Enforcement Notice within 12 months.