More disappointing rail news for the District



East Cambridgeshire District Council is to write to Network Rail expressing its disappointment that further work in the district is being put on hold.

The District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council had been pushing for much needed improvement to the rail network which would help freight and the local economy.

Last week’s announcement from Network Rail’s new chairman, Sir Peter Hendy that following his review of the enhancement and investment programme in railway control period 5 (2014-19), plans to upgrade the Ely North Junction have been delayed.

The news follows a previous announcement earlier this year putting on hold plans to double a section of rail track Ely and Soham.

Despite the setbacks, the Council is determined these decisions will not hold up building the Soham Railway Station.

Cllr James Palmer, Leader at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “It is yet again very disappointing to hear Network Rail is delaying one of their projects in the district. While I can understand the pressures they face, I do find it very frustrating given the rapid growth we are experiencing it is always our area which is affected by their decision to reschedule their plans. If we are to continue to grow in the future we need the infrastructure which was promised to help us to succeed. I hope despite these setbacks, we will not see any delay or hold up on the plans to build the new station in Soham. I would like to assure residents, I will writing to Network Rail seeking assurances that they will progress this project with no further delay.”

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