Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - PSLP Document Library

To ensure the emerging Local Plan reflects current and future flood risk, the Council is updating its Strategic Flood Risk Assessment. The objectives of the SFRA update are: 
  • To review the latest flood risk policy, including implications for the council and developers
  • To collate and analyse the latest information and data for flood risk from all sources 
  • To provide guidance and recommendation to the council for flood risk policy and future flood risk management decision making 
  • To provide supporting evidence to support the Council with the preparation of their Local Plan, allowing the application of the Sequential Test in the allocation of future development sites 
  • Provide guidance and information for developers preparing site specific flood risk assessments, including information on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) 
The SFRA is presented in a 'hybrid report' which includes both Level 1 and Level 2 assessment. Due to the large size of the document, the SFRA Hybrid Report and appendices are provided as separate files for download, below. To locate a specific map, please refer to the Index Map. 

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Hybrid Report: Document Library Ref - PE18

SectionTitlePublication Date
Main ReportLevel 1 & Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk AssessmentNov-17
AppendixIndex MapNov-17
Appendix AWatercourses in East CambridgeshireNov-17
Appendix BFlood Zone MappingNov-17
Appendix CClimate Change Mapping (Maps 1 - 30)Nov-17
Appendix CClimate Change Mapping (Maps 31 - 60)Nov-17
Appendix DSurface Water Mapping (Maps 1 - 30)Nov-17
Appendix DSurface Water Mapping (Maps 31 - 60)Nov-17
Appendix EGroundwater MappingNov-17
Appendix FLevel 2 Detailed Sites Summary TablesNov-17
Appendix GLevel 2 Flood Risk to Site Geo PDF MappingNov-17