Parish Council Election - Ely North Ward - Election Timetable

Election Timetable for 21/09/2023

Event Type      Description                                                                          Date                     Time

Statutory           Publication of notice of election                                            16/08/2023          

Statutory           Nomination Period Starts                                                      17/08/2023

Statutory           Close of nominations                                                             24/08/2023           4:00pm

Statutory           Publication of first interim election notice of alteration         24/08/2023          

Statutory           Withdrawal of candidate                                                        24/08/2023           4:00pm

Statutory           Statement of Persons Nominated                                         25/08/2023           4:00pm

Statutory           Applications to register to vote                                              05/09/2023          

Statutory           Applications for new postal votes and for arrangement to existing postal and proxy voting arrangements       06/09/2023           5:00pm

Statutory           Publication of second interim election notice of alteration    07/09/2023          

Statutory           Publication of notice of poll                                                   13/09/2023          

Statutory           Applications for Voter Authority Certificates                         13/09/2023           5:00pm

Statutory           Applications for new proxy votes                                          13/09/2023           5:00pm

Statutory           Emergency proxies applications period commences          13/09/2023           5:00pm

Statutory           Appointment of counting and polling agents                         14/09/2023          

Statutory           Publication of final register amendment notices                   14/09/2023          

Statutory           Requests for replacements for lost postal votes commences  15/09/2023          

Statutory           Start of Poll                                                                            21/09/2023           7:00am

Statutory           Emergency proxies application period ends                         21/09/2023           5:00pm

Statutory           Replacements for lost and spoilt postal votes ends             21/09/2023           5:00pm

Statutory           Applications for alteration to register to correct clerical

                          error                                                                                       21/09/2023           9:00pm

Statutory           Close of Poll                                                                          21/09/2023           10:00pm

Statutory           Publication of Election Results                                              21/09/2023           As soon as practicable after count

Statutory           Return of election expenses                                                 19/10/2023          

Statutory           Declaration of candidate expenses                                       02/11/2023          


East Cambridgeshire District Council

The Grange, Nutholt Lane


CB7 4EE                                                                                                                                                                                 

John Hill, Returning Officer

Printed and published by: John Hill Returning Officer The Grange Nutholt Lane Ely Cambs CB7 4EE