Community Support Group Details

Contact your local contact group if you want to volunteer or to help in your community, or to ask for help.

Need Help?

If you are self-isolating and would like to ask for help, please complete our Covid-19 Support Request Form, and we will pass your details onto your relevant community group, alternatively, a list of local village support groups is available below:

Local Village Support Groups and Help

AshleyAshley Parish Support Group

Kevin Dadds

  • Tel: 01638 731043
BottishamGeneral Support
BottishamBottisham and Lode shopping deliveries
Brinkley/Burrough Green 
  • Tel: 07715 574296
BurwellBurwell Day Centre (meals on wheels 5 days)

Elly Catling

  • Tel: 01638 743363
CheveleyCheveley Parish and Support Group

Marylin Strand

  • Tel:01638 780835 8am - 6pm Monday-Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday please leave a message
ChippenhamChippenham Parish Council
  • Tel: 01638 720677
Coveney (covering Wardy Hill)Coveney Village Hall Support Group
  • Tel: 07890 988443
DullinghamDullingham Volunteer Network
FordhamFordham Timebank
  • Tel: 07715 908024
HaddenhamHaddenham Support Group
IslehamIsleham Parish and Volunteer Group
  • Tel: 07831 168899
Little Downham and PymoorCovid-19 Mutual Aid
Little ThetfordLittle Thetford Parish Council
  • Tel: 07828 402093
LittleportCovid-19 Group
Lode/LongmeadowMutual Aid

Teresa Crickmar

MepalMepal Parish and Support Group
ReachReach Parish Council and Support Group
SnailwellSnailwell Parish Council
SohamSoham Handy Helpers
  • 01638 780835
StrethamStretham Parish Council and Stretham Womens Institute
SuttonSutton Timebank
  • 07595 736664
SuttonSutton Handy Helpers
SuttonSutton Surgery PPG (medication deliveries)
  • Tel:07749 838267
Swaffham BulbeckSwaffham Bulbeck Support Response
Swaffham PriorSwaffham Prior Parish Support Response
WickenWicken Parish Council
  • Tel: 01353 723619
WilburtonWilburton Isolation Support Group
WitchamWitcham Parish and Support Group
  • Tel: 01353 774913
WitchfordWitchford Parish and Support Group
Westley Waterless 
  • Tel: 07970 582184

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