Community Support Group Details

Contact your local contact group if want to volunteer or to help in your community, or to ask for help.

Need Help?

If you are self-isolating and would like to ask for help, please complete our Covid-19 Support Request Form, and we will pass your details onto your relevant community group, alternatively, a list of local village support groups is available below:

Local Village Support Groups and Help

AshleyAshley Parish Support Group

Kevin Dadds

  • Tel: 01638 731043
BottishamGeneral Support
BottishamBottisham and Lode shopping deliveries
Brinkley/Burrough Green 
  • Tel: 07715 574296
BurwellBurwell Day Centre (meals on wheels 5 days)

Elly Catling

  • Tel: 01638 743363
CheveleyCheveley Parish and Support Group

Marylin Strand

  • Tel:01638 780835 8am - 6pm Monday-Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday please leave a message
ChippenhamChippenham Parish Council
  • Tel: 01638 720677
Coveney (covering Wardy Hill)Coveney Village Hall Support Group
  • Tel: 07890 988443
DullinghamDullingham Volunteer Network
FordhamFordham Timebank
  • Tel: 07715 908024
HaddenhamHaddenham Support Group
IslehamIsleham Parish and Volunteer Group
  • Tel: 07831 168899
Little Downham and PymoorCovid-19 Mutual Aid
Little ThetfordLittle Thetford Parish Council
  • Tel: 07828 402093
LittleportCovid-19 Group
Lode/LongmeadowMutual Aid
Teresa Crickmar
MepalMepal Parish and Support Group
ReachReach Parish Council and Support Group
SnailwellSnailwell Parish Council
SohamSoham Handy Helpers
  • 01638 780835
StrethamStretham Parish Council and Stretham Womens Institute
SuttonSutton Timebank
  • 07595 736664
SuttonSutton Handy Helpers
SuttonSutton Surgery PPG (medication deliveries)
  • Tel:07749 838267
Swaffham BulbeckSwaffham Bulbeck Support Response
Swaffham PriorSwaffham Prior Parish Support Response
WickenWicken Parish Council
  • Tel: 01353 723619
WilburtonWilburton Isolation Support Group
WitchamWitcham Parish and Support Group
  • Tel: 01353 774913
WitchfordWitchford Parish and Support Group
Westley Waterless 
  • Tel: 07970 582184

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