Licences, Permits & Registration

The Environmental Services Department is Responsible for Licensing Including:-

  • Issuing and enforcement of Personal & Premise licences, Club Premises Certificate & Temporary Event Notices.
  • Issuing and enforcement of animal licences.
  • Following up complaints about licenced premises.
  • Issuing and the enforcement of Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Licences, in addition to Private Hire Operators Licences & Taxi Drivers.
  • Issuing and the enforcement of Street Trading, House to House Collections, Street Collections and Lotteries Licences.
  • Issuing and the enforcement of other Licences issued under the Gambling Act.
  • The publication of a Public Licensing Register

Service Plan and Enforcement Policy

We aim to provide a quality service to our customers. Listed below are documents which set out our standards, work targets and commitment to deliver a satisfactory service:

Consultation 2015 - Licensing Act 2003 - Statement of Licensing Policy

The Licensing Authority is currently consulting on a revision to the Licensing Act 2003 - Statement of Licensing Policy to have effect from 7 January 2016. Should you wish to make a comment on the draft document, you must do so by 5pm 27 August 2015 by emailing or by writing to Licensing, East Cambridgeshire DC, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, CB7 4EE.  The revisions can be found in the table below.

Key Changes
Reformatting the policyThe Policy has been slightly reformatted and reworded, though in principal the contents are similar to those found in the current Licensing Policy, and any changes only reflect legislative changes that have occurred since the last policy was approved in 2011.
Early Morning Restriction Order – page 15Outline of Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs) for information purposes only.
Late Night Levy – page 16Outline of Late Night Levy (LNL) provisions for information purposes only.
Regulated Entertainment – page 7Reworded section on regulated entertainment due to changes in legislation
Removal of terms – throughout the policyRemoval of the term “Vicinity”.
The term “Interested Party” to be replaced with “Other Person”
The term “Necessary” to be replaced with “Appropriate” when considering conditions to be placed on a licence due to changes in legislation.
Information Regarding Licensing FeesA new paragraph regarding suspension for non-payment of annual fee has been introduced due to legislative changes.

Licensing Act 2003 - draft Statement of Licensing

Trade Meetings - Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Vehicle Drivers & Operators

19th September 2012

20th March 2013

4th September 2013