Consultee Register

If you would like the opportunity to get involved in local decision making by acting as a sounding board for future policy or service proposals, then why not join the Council's Register of Consultees and give us your views about the decisions we make and the services we provide.

What will this involve?

If you would like to act as a consultee, whether as an individual or a group, then your name will be added to the Council's Register of Consultees and you will be allocated a consultee reference number. As changes are proposed to develop the Council's policies or services, the 'nominated officer' will select a number of individuals or groups from the list of consultees who could be affected by, or may have an interest in, the policy/service proposals. The 'nominated officer' will be the Council Officer who will be leading the change proposals. If you are selected, then you will be sent a copy of the proposal (in your preferred format - paper or electronic) together with a covering letter and feedback form. You will then have a set period of time to consider the proposal and to offer your feedback using the form provided.

All completed forms will then be returned to the Council for consideration as part of the consultation process.

The Council may publish a summary of responses to a particular consultation exercise on the Council's website for public inspection. If this is done, no individual responses will be identifiable.

If you would like the opportunity to join the Council's consultee register, then please complete the online application form below: