Waste & Recycling FAQ's

What do I put in the bins?

Where do I leave my bin for collection?

Bins and bags should be left so that they are clearly visible on the boundary of the public highway nearest to your property or at the normal communal point unless an alternative has been agreed with the Council or in the case of some farms, at the end of the farm track.

What happens if my bin or sacks have not been emptied or collected?

If your collection is missed through no fault of your own and reported to us by the end of the next working day, it will be collected by the end of the next working day following the report.

If you have been notified that the bin contains incorrect materials, please remove these and put your bin out for collection on the next due date.

To report a missed collection, complete a missed collection report form, or contact customer services on 01353 665555.

Can we use biodegradeable plastic or compostable cornstarch bags in the garden waste bin?

Unfortunately no. The garden & food waste is composted and recycled for use in agriculture. The quality of the compost is therefore of paramount importance. The process takes 6-8 weeks. Biodegradeable and compostable bags vary in their makeup and some take up to 9 months to decompose which would compromise the quality of the compost. Paper bags and newspaper are both acceptable means of wrapping food.

What is the procedure for replacing black refuse, clear recycling and brown garden waste sacks?

Provision of Black Refuse Sacks

1 roll of 52 black refuse sacks were delivered to each property together with the introduction of the new recycling service. The next delivery of sacks will take place over a 10 week roll-out period, starting in  August 2018.  Clear recycling sacks will be delivered to properties on the alternative service during the same period.

Further sacks will now only be issued to residents moving into new build properties where sacks haven’t previously been supplied, or properties where outgoing occupiers have not left any remaining sacks.

Where residents run out of Council supplied sacks, waste will be collected if presented in black sacks that can be purchased from local retailers. Waste will not be collected if presented in other types of container.

Bag based recycling services for properties unable to accommodate wheeled bins

52 clear sacks have been provided for recycling and will be replaced at the same time as refuse sacks next year. However additional sacks will be provided if requested through Customer Services.
4 brown sacks have been provided for garden & food waste. Like for like replacements will be provided at the time of collection. If the correct number of sacks is not left, please report to Customer Services by the end of the working day following collection & replacements will be provided.

What do I do if my bin goes missing or gets broken?

Please contact Customer Services on 01353 665555 and we will arrange a replacement.

 What if I become unable to manage the wheeled bins?

If you have concerns regarding your ability to manage the bins please contact Customer Services so that a visit from one of our project officers can be arranged to review and discuss the options. It might be appropriate for you to complete an assisted lift collection request form if due to long-term infirmity, illness or disability you are unable to move them to the normal collection point.

 Does the Council provide a cleaning service?

No. It is up to the householder whether they wish to clean the bins or not.

Can I have a larger bin or alternatively an extra bin?

Each household is provided with a single blue lidded wheeled bin for recycling, & green lidded bin for food & garden waste. The exception to this is where bag based services are provided to properties unable to accommodate wheeled bins and properties provided with larger communal bins. No alternative bin sizes are available but additional blue bins for recycling are available for a one off delivery fee. Additional brown bins are available for garden waste only (no food waste allowed) in return for payment of an annual fee.

We are new to the area. How do I go about getting bins?

Please contact Customer Services on 01353 665555. They will check whether your property is able to accommodate bins or not and will then arrange the delivery of bins or bags whichever is appropriate.

What do I do with larger items that I need to dispose of?

The Council offers a "bulky domestic refuse" collection service for items of household furniture and white goods such as beds, washing machines and cookers. This service is chargeable.  Find out more

Alternatively if you would prefer not to pay for the removal of bulky items (including fridges & freezers) you can take them to the County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centre at Witchford

Some local charity groups can re-use old furniture and electrical goods and some may collect for free, for more details visit the Furniture Reuse Website.

I am moving house. What do I do with our wheelie bins?

The bins remain the property of the Council so we would ask that you leave them at the location where you normally stored them. Please try to leave them empty and in the same condition you would hope to find them if you were moving into the property.

Landlord and property developer responsibilities
It is the landlord / property developers responsibility to purchase bins for new properties. However, the owners will need to purchase bins if the developer has not provided them or will not pay.
Once you have your bins and boxes, it is your responsibility to keep them safe and mark them clearly with your house name or number to prevent them from going missing or being stolen. This can be painted on your bins and boxes.

What should I do with used nappies?

If you are using disposable nappies they should be wrapped and put in the weekly black refuse sack. A good solution to the issue of disposing of nappies may be to consider the use of “real nappies.” Try the nappy information service at http://www.goreal.org.uk/

Do I need to rinse out my cans and jars?

Yes please. It is important that the recyclables are reasonably clean. If dirty they are more difficult to recycle and can contaminate other materials which ultimately makes them less valuable.