Street Cleaning/Litter Bins

To report any incidents with regard to litter, street sweeping and full litter bins contact Customer Services on 01353 665555.

The Council must, by law, keep clean all streets, paths, parks and open spaces in the district. The standards for cleanliness are laid down in the Environmental Protection Act 1990: The Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.

All towns and villages in East Cambridgeshire and the city of Ely are divided into 'zones' and the zones which are busiest and get dirtiest are cleaned more often. For example the centres of Ely, Littleport and Soham are swept and cleaned daily, including the emptying of litter bins, whilst the villages and roads are swept and cleaned on a twenty working day cycle, litter bins are emptied weekly.

Material which poses a sudden or immediate hazard to road users, for example fuel spillage or mud on the road, will normally need to be dealt with by the Police or the Highway Authority.

Full Litter Bins or Dog Waste Bins

The Council would welcome any reports of full litter bins. The Council has an extensive litter picking programme and consider litter in public places unsightly. If the litter bins are emptied regularly and replaced when broken the Council can reduce the amount of litter dropped on the floor.

If you wish to report a full bin please contact Customer Services on 01353 665555.  Alternatively, you can report a full bin online using the link below:

A fixed penalty of £75 may be served on anyone committing an offence of depositing litter (including cigarette ends and chewing gum) under section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  A fixed penalty of £50 may be served on anyone allowing their dog to foul.

Dead Animals

If you find a dead animal in the street or on any other public land, please contact us and we will remove the animal as quickly as we can.

To report or request the removal of a dead animal from the Public Highway please contact Customer Services on 01353 665555.

Alternatively, you can report a dead animal on highway/public land online:

Please note: The Council is NOT responsible for dead animals on private land.