Bus Services and Cycling and Walking Routes Consultation

Coronavirus Update

Due to Government’s advice to stay at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to extend the response deadline for this consultation until 31st May. 

 9th March 2020 - 31st May 2020

East Cambridgeshire District Council is consulting with residents to identify key bus, cycling and walking routes that will allow local people to get to work, college, doctors, shops, public services or visit family and friends.

If you would like to be able to travel more often by bus, please tell us where you would like to go and the times you would like to travel.

If you would like to be able to cycle, walk or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter to access your destination, please give us details of your route.

The aim of the consultation is:

  • To identify key bus routes and to seek funding for a trial period to allow routes to become established and self-financing.
  • To identify key cycling and walking routes and seek funding to deliver these.

The feedback you give is important as it will provide the evidence we need to secure funding for future delivery of bus services, cycleways and footpaths. The focus of this work is to identify routes, the type of cycleway or footpath that will be provided will be determined at the delivery stage, but we will ensure that these are accessible to all users.

The consultation closes on Sunday 31st May 2020.

How to have your say

Complete the questionnaire delivered to your home and return it to ECDC offices in Ely or put it in a drop box.

Complete the survey online using the links below. You do not need to complete all three questionnaires, just those that apply to you.

Email  buscyclewalk@eastcambs.gov.uk

Draft Cycle Routes Map

To assist in identifying current ‘gaps’ in the Cycle/Footpath network across the district, the council has produced a draft cycle routes map. The map shows existing on-road and off-road cycle lanes across the district. It also shows routes that have been proposed but not yet delivered that:

  • will be provided through the planning system
  • have CCC funding for delivery this financial year
  • are included in transport strategies and plans for future delivery

The draft maps can be viewed below. The district map has also been divided into smaller areas.

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions about the maps please email buscyclewalk@eastcambs.gov.uk