Superhero backed by mini recyclers at council vote


A team of junior recyclers unanimously voted in favour of the politics of a green superhero at a school council meeting held at the East Cambridgeshire District Council chamber.

The group of 26 children from Littleport Community Primary School were asked to listen to speeches from Michael, the recycling champion for the district who was designed by pupil Brooke Smith, aged nine, and his nemesis Justine Binnit from the Chuck it Away party.

The School Council members were given official ballot papers to decide who had the best manifesto – with John Hill, Chief Executive Officer at East Cambridgeshire District Council declaring the result.

The event, which included a presentation with Councillor Mike Rouse and Vice Chairman of the Council Lis Every, as well as an informative session from members of the Council’s Democratic Services department about how to run an election, was designed to give the children an introduction to politics.


Councillor Rouse said: “Brexit and the recent General Election seem to have sparked a real interest in democracy for children all over the country.

“They have watched their parents cast a vote and have had a small glimpse into how we make big decisions in this country.

“We wanted to allow some of those children to have their say on an issue which affects them and, as the school responsible for creating Michael, it made sense for us to introduce them to the messages he hopes to promote in our local community.

“The group were invited to hold their school meeting in chamber, meet and ask questions of our Councillors and then cast a vote on the recycling practices.

“The initiative was a huge success. We believe we might have inspired a new generation about politics.

“Who knows – there might even be a future Prime Minister lurking in Littleport.”


The Eco Council at Littleport Primary School is made up of children age six to 11.

This year Michael, who was brought to life by professional costume makers from Brooke’s drawing, has formed the central role in an interactive performance workshop delivered to primary school children.

He has also made several guest appearances at various fairs, fetes and events around the district.

Michael is at the forefront of an ongoing council-run campaign to improve recycling rates.


To follow Michael on Twitter visit @MikeLRecycle