Harnessing the potential of renewable energy




With East Cambridgeshire continuing to grow and diversify its economy, the District Council is looking at how the development of renewable energy can work in harmony with the area’s aspirations.

The Council is expecting a number of significant renewable energy applications over the next year and it is vital the authority has adequate guidance to protect the important qualities of the District.

To ensure developers, landowners and communities are able to work together on future applications, a consultation is to take place later this winter on the draft supplementary planning document on Renewable Energy Development (Commercial Scale).

This will look at the following:

  • Visual landscape impact and key views
  • Biodiversity and geology
  • Heritage Assets
  • Residential amenity
  • Safeguarding areas (for airports and military bases)
  • Site restoration
  • Wind farms and electromagnetic transmissions

The document will also emphasise the need for developers to undertake early and meaningful community engagement in developing their renewable energy proposals.

Cllr Peter Moakes, Chairman of Development and Transport Committee, said: “With East Cambridgeshire already home to solar farms and an anaerobic digestion plant, it is right that we plan now for the future growth of renewable energy industry. There is significant potential in the district for the growth of commercial scale energy generation in the years to come but we must make sure it develops in harmony with East Cambridgeshire’s needs.

“This is why we are drafting specific planning documents giving clear guidance for developers and to assist the Council in determining planning applications. This will help companies and landowners know what they can do in the District but look to reassure communities too. It is very important as always that people take time to look at the consultation and feedback their views and opinions to help us develop East Cambridgeshire for all our benefits.”

The SPD is a statutory planning document; its purpose is to look to the future and provide the design principles for the redevelopment of an area.

For more information please contact the forward planning team on 01353 665555 or visit www.eastcambs.gov.uk.