Could you make use of our Assetbank



As East Cambridgeshire continues to grow, develop and prosper, the District Council is looking at how it can help the area to thrive and better to deliver the things our residents need.

To assist, the authority is investigating ways to make better use of the physical assets which the Council has available to be bought or used in East Cambridgeshire.

To do this, the ‘Assetbank’ has been created which will list the land, property or buildings which the Council wishes to sell or find new uses for.

The assets currently listed are:

  • St John’s Road Site approximately 0.27 acres of land situated to the west of the Ely city centre. The existing use is as a garage site proving 17 garages to rent. The Council is required to provide 14 car parking spaces to the tenants of adjacent housing association properties.
  • Barton Close, Witchford approximately 0.94 acres at the western end of Witchford on the south side of Main Street. Located off a cul-de-sac on the eastern side, the site is currently overgrown with self seeded saplings and brambles. It lies between the two residential developments of Barton Close and Ward Way. It does not currently have planning permission.

The Assetbank will be updated whenever new land/property becomes available.

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