Polling Station - Ely North HF2


Ely - Princess of Wales Hospital
The Conference Room, Lumley Close Ely, Cambs


  • Ely North Ward

Electoral Area Code: 



Allen Road, Allix Way, Buckingham Drive, Cam Drive, Carey Close, Chelmer Way, Cherry Drive, Cleopatra Close, Damson Avenue, Downham Road, Orwell Pit Farm, Elderberry Close, Fitzgerlad Close, Forsythia Road, Gunning Road, Heaton Close, Heaton Drive, High Flyer Cottages, Kilkenny Avenue, King Edgar Close, Kings Avenue, Longchamp Drive, Lumley Close, Lynn Road (odds 105-177), Merivale Way, Merrifield Gardens, Monarch Way, Morton Close, Nene Road, Nigel Road, Orford Close, Red Admiral Street, Redman Close, School Road, Sheriffs Gardens, Simeon Close, Sloe Gardens, Stour Green, Tayberry Close, The Medway, Turner Drive, Welland Place, Wensum Way, Williams Close, Wissey Way.

The polling station will be signposted from Lynn Road from two directions.

The first will take you through Williams Close, which is easier and quicker to access.

The second will take you from Davison Road onto Lumley Close.

There is limited parking at the polling station and we would urge all electors to keep the area clear leading onto the footpath from Williams Close.


Polling Station Location: 

Polling Station Location: 

County Division: 

Ely North

Parliamentary Constituency: 

South East Cambridgeshire