Planning Agents

You may choose to use a Planning Agent to help you submit your planning application; this may be an architect or another appropriately experienced person. The Local Planning Authority is unable to make recommendations on particular companies or individuals, but we are able to provide information from applications submitted by Agents, that may assist you in making your decision.

The information shown in the reports below have been gathered from the previous 12 months submissions to the Local Planning Authority and with the consent of Agents listed.  Each report has certain criteria which need to be met in order for the agent’s information to be included. As a result of the methods used, this may mean that during certain times of the year, there may be some well established agents that appear to be missing from these reports. 

N.B. Your choice of agent should not be solely based on this list, it is important to remember that not all agents gave permission to report on their data and agents with lower submission numbers are likely to have larger percentage differences.

Applications Valid on Receipt

Where an agent is shown to have high numbers of applications 'valid on receipt' this means that they are submitting everything needed from the outset for the application to be registered, therefore avoiding unnecessary delays.

N.B. Please be aware that there are occasions where applications can be made invalid for reasons outside the control of an agent (i.e. delay in payment of application fee). You should discuss any concerns regarding this section with your chosen agent, prior to appointment. 

Number of Decisions

Where an agent is shown to have a high number of permissions granted, this will mean they've had more successful applications than one with a lower figure.

Appeal Decisions

Where it states appeal allowed, this means that the Planning Inspectorate overturned the Local Planning Authority decision and the development can go ahead.

You may also wish to consider information provided by professional bodies when choosing your preferred agent. You can access more information on the various professional bodies through the Building Control section of this website.