Service Delivery Plans 2018/19

Service Annual Plan Six Month Progress Reports End of Year Reports 
Building ControlBuilding Control Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Building Control Six Month Update ReportBuilding Control End of Year Report
Communities and PartnershipsCommunities and Partnerships Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Communities and Partnerships Six Month Update ReportCommunities and Partnerships End of Year Report
Customer ServicesCustomer Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Customer Services Six Month Update ReportCustomer Services End of Year Report
Democratic ServicesDemocratic Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Democratic Services Six Month Update ReportDemocratic Services End of Year Report
Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Environmental Services Six Month Update ReportEnvironmental Services End of Year Report
Financial ServicesFinancial Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Financial Services Six Month Update ReportFinancial Services End of Year Report
Housing and Community SafetyHousing and Community Safety Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Housing and Community Safety Six Month Update ReportHousing and Community Safety End of Year Report
Human ResourcesHuman Resources Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Human Resources Six Month Update ReportHuman Resources End of Year Report
ICT ServicesICT Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19ICT Services Six Month Update ReportICT Services End of Year Report
Infrastructure and Strategic HousingInfrastructure and Strategic Housing Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Infrastructure and Strategic Housing Six Month Update ReportInfrastructure and Strategic Housing End of Year Report
Legal ServicesLegal Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Legal Services Six Month Update ReportLegal Services End of Year Report
Leisure ServicesLeisure Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Leisure Services Six Month Update ReportLeisure Services End of Year Report
LicensingLicensing Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Licensing Six Month Update ReportLicensing End of Year Report
Open Spaces and FacilitiesOpen Spaces and Facilities Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Open Spaces and Facilities Six Month Update ReportOpen Spaces and Facilities End of Year Report
Performance ManagementPerformance Management Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Performance Management Six Month Update ReportPerformance Management End of Year Report
Planning ServicesPlanning Services Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Planning Services Six Month Update ReportPlanning Services End of Year Report
ReprographicsReprographics Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Reprographics Six Month Update ReportReprographics End of Year Report
Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning Service Delivery Plan 2018/19Strategic Planning Six Month Update ReportStrategic Planning End of Year Report
Waste ServicesWaste Services 2018/19Waste Services Six Month Update ReportWaste Services End of Year Report