Angel Drove Parking - Pay & Display

Charges (Pay & Display)

£3.00 - per day (24 hours)
£12.00 per week (7 days)

Charges apply every day including Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket machines take CASH ONLY (no change given)

Phone & Pay Cashless Parking

To pay, call 01480 270636 to register.
Angel Drove Location No:  2700
Registered Users: call 07786 207708
Text Location No, Parking time in days and 3 digit security code.

Season Tickets

Charges for season tickets are:
Quarterly (13 weeks):  £145.00
Annual:   £506.00

You can apply for an Angel Drove Season Ticket either by post or online:

Download application form for completion


Angel Drove Car Park
Angel Drove
CB7 4EA Ely, Cambs

Location map: