Primary Evidence - PSLP Document Library

The following documents provide up-to-date and relevant evidence about the economic, social and environmental characteristics of East Cambridgeshire, and have informed the preparation of the Proposed Submission Local Plan.

Doc RefTitle

Publication Date

PE01AEast Cambridgeshire Local Plan 20152015
PE01BEast Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2015: Policies Map2015
PE02Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Memorandum of Co-operationMay 2013
PE03Strategic Spatial Priorities: Addressing the Duty to Cooperate across Cambridgeshire & PeterboroughJan 2014
PE04Joint HMA Statement on Housing RedistributionNov 2017
PE05Strategic Housing Market Assessment2013
PE06Objectively Assessed Housing Need Update (Oct 2016)Oct 2016
PE07Local Housing Need Calculation Evidence ReportNov 2017
PE08Employment Land ReportNov 2017
PE09Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation AssessmentOct 2016
PE10Settlement Hierarchy Report (Proposed Submission)Nov 2017
PE11Growth StudyJan 2017
PE12Infrastructure Investment PlanNov 2017
PE13Site Assessment Evidence ReportNov 2017
PE14Development Envelope Assessment ReportNov 2017
PE15Local Green Spaces Assessment ReportNov 2017
PE16Viability Appraisal: Final ReportNov 2017
PE17Water Cycle Study: Final ReportNov 2017
PE17AWater Cycle Study Addendum Report June 2018 
PE17B Statement of Common Ground between East Cambridgeshire District Council and Environment Agency June 2018 
PE18Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA): Final ReportNov 2017
PE19Sequential TestNov 2017
PE20Cambridgeshire Biodiversity Action Plan2008
PE21Cambridgeshire Green Infrastructure Strategy2011
PE22Green Wedge StudyNov 2017
PE23Ely Environmental Capacity Study2001
PE24Ely Quintessential Views StudyNov 2017
PE25Indoor Sports Facilities Needs Assessment,
Strategy and Action Plan 
PE26Play Facilities Audit2012
PE27Community Facilities Audit2013
PE28Evidence Report on Strategic TransportNov 2017
PE28ASupplementary Report - In relation to Evidence Report on Strategic Transport May 2018 
PE28B Strategic Transport Evidence Report - Further Supplementary Note Aug 2018 
PE29Cambridgeshire - LTP 2015 (which forms part of the Combined Authority interim LTP 2017)2017
PE30Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire (TSEC)2017
PE31Retail Study 2012
PE32Soham Commons Recreational and Biodiversity Enhancement StudyOct 2017
PE33Camb-Pboro Devolution Deal Mar 2017