Evidence Reports (EVR) - PSLP Document Library

A collection of Evidence Reports has been prepared to provide explanation and justification for each planning policy included in the Proposed Submission Local Plan, drawing on sources of evidence and responses received during consultation on the Further Draft Local Plan. The Proposed Submission Local Plan includes plan-wide policies and policies specific to each town and village; Evidence reports have been prepared for each plan-wide policy and for each settlement.

Plan-wide Policies

Sections 3 to 6 of the Proposed Submission Local Plan include 33 plan-wide planning policies (i.e. policies which apply in any location within East Cambridgeshire), referenced as LP1 to LP33.  The following table provides an Evidence Report for plan-wide policy. Click the Evidence Report title below to view or download:

PS.EVR Reports (Plan-wide): Document Library Reference EVR01
EVR Sub RefEvidence Report for policy…Publication Date
PS.EVR1Policy LP1: A Presumption in Favour of Sustainable DevelopmentNov-17
PS.EVR2Policy LP2: Level and Distribution of GrowthNov-17
PS.EVR3Policy LP3: The Settlement Hierarchy and the CountrysideNov-17
PS.EVR4Policy LP4: Green BeltNov-17
PS.EVR5Policy LP5: Community-led Development and Self-BuildNov-17
PS.EVR6Policy LP6: Meeting Local Housing NeedsNov-17
PS.EVR7Policy LP7: Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople sitesNov-17
PS.EVR8Policy LP8: Delivering Prosperity and JobsNov-17
PS.EVR9Policy LP9: Equine DevelopmentNov-17
PS.EVR10Policy LP10: Development Affecting the Horse Racing IndustryNov-17
PS.EVR11Policy LP11: Tourist Facilities and Visitor AttractionsNov-17
PS.EVR12Policy LP12: Tourist Accommodation (excluding holiday cottages)Nov-17
PS.EVR13Policy LP13: Holiday Cottage AccommodationNov-17
PS.EVR14Policy LP14: Location of Retail and Town Centre UsesNov-17
PS.EVR15Policy LP15: Retail Uses in Town CentresNov-17
PS.EVR16Policy LP16: Infrastructure to Support GrowthNov-17
PS.EVR17Policy LP17: Creating a Sustainable, Efficient and Resilient Transport NetworkNov-17
PS.EVR18Policy LP18: Improving Cycle ProvisionNov-17
PS.EVR19Policy LP19: Maintaining and Improving Community FacilitiesNov-17
PS.EVR20Policy LP20: Delivering Green InfrastructureNov-17
PS.EVR21Policy LP21: Open Space, Sport and Recreational FacilitiesNov-17
PS.EVR22Policy LP22: Achieving Design ExcellenceNov-17
PS.EVR23Policy LP23: Water EfficiencyNov-17
PS.EVR24Policy LP24: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy DevelopmentNov-17
PS.EVR25Policy LP25: Managing Water Resources and Flood RiskNov-17
PS.EVR26Policy LP26: Pollution and Land ContaminationNov-17
PS.EVR27Policy LP27: Conserving and Enhancing Heritage AssetsNov-17
PS.EVR28Policy LP28: Landscape and Built Environment Character, including Cathedral ViewsNov-17
PS.EVR29Policy LP29: Conserving Local Green SpacesNov-17
PS.EVR30Policy LP30: Conserving and Enhancing Biodiversity and GeodiversityNov-17
PS.EVR31Policy LP31: Development in the CountrysideNov-17
PS.EVR32Policy LP32: Infill Development in Locations Outside of Development EnvelopesNov-17
PS.EVR33Policy LP33: Residential AnnexesNov-17


Settlement Policies

Section 7 of the Proposed Submission Local Plan includes a chapter for each settlement in the district (as identified by the Settlement Hierarchy), and includes planning policies specific to each location.  The following table provides an Evidence Report summarising the policies for each settlement. Please note, Small Villages are addressed in a single Evidence Report (PS.EVR.SMALLV). Click the Evidence Report title below to view or download:

PS.EVR Reports (Settlement): Document Library Reference EVR02
EVR Sub RefEvidence Report for settlement...Publication Date
PS.EVR.BRGBurrough GreenNov-17
PS.EVR.LTDLittle DownhamNov-17
PS.EVR.LTTLittle ThetfordNov-17
PS.EVR.LODLode with Long MeadowNov-17
PS.EVR.NFRNewmarket FringeNov-17
PS.EVR.SWBSwaffham BulbeckNov-17
PS.EVR.SWPSwaffham PriorNov-17
PS.EVR.SMALLVSmall VillagesNov-17