Safer Transport: Covid-19 training scheme

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in modern times.

The global impact of the virus is undeniable, but despite this, it is worth remembering that viruses cannot travel great distances, they rely on a host to spread. It is possible to keep ourselves safe by following the simple guidelines set down by the Government of ‘Hands, Face, Space’; keep your hands clean, wear a face covering, and maintain a social distance from others not in your household or bubble at all times.
It is however, acknowledged that there are roles people fulfil where following all of these steps is not possible all of the time, such as driving a taxi, or travelling in a taxi. For this reason, we have worked with our neighbouring district and city Councils in Cambridgeshire as well as Cambridgeshire County Council Public Health to launch a ‘Covid-19 Trained’ safety scheme, where drivers can learn more about keeping both themselves and their passengers safe.
Once the training has been completed, those drivers who hold vehicle licences will be able to claim the full cost, or up to £100 (whichever is the lower amount) towards the cost of an approved Covid-19 screen for their vehicle, subject to complying with the offer's terms and conditions (details below).

Covid-19 Training

To undertake the training and unlock access to funding towards an approved screen, please complete the online Covid-19 safer travel training form (external link)

Approved screen terms and conditions

Information for passengers

Part of the training involves viewing a short video which details the recommended steps a driver should take in order to promote safer travel whilst the COVID-19 risk remains present. This video is available for you to view below.